December Exec Board

Reminder: There will be NO Meeting for the month of November for the Exec Board of the Harmony Baptist Association.

The next meeting will be December 11, 2018 at Linwood Baptist Church-8932 Highway 65 South, Moscow AR

Invitation to Family Worship Seminar at FBC PB

This is your invitation letter to a Family Worship Seminar that I am
conducting in November. This seminar is part of my Doctor of Educational 
Ministry project and is for parents and grandparents on leading children
to worship in the home. The dates are Friday, November 16 from 6pm to 9pm
& Saturday, November 17 from 9am to Noon in the FirstKids Ministry Room at
First Baptist Church of Pine Bluff.
Thank you.
Bryan Bolton
Minister of Music and Children
First Baptist Church
6501 S. Hazel Street
Pine Bluff, AR  71603
(870) 534-4741 ext. 11

Arkansas Faith and Ethics Counsel



Sponsors of five issues are trying to retain spots for their respective measures on the ballot for Arkansas’ November general election. Legal challenges have been filed against four of the ballot issues. One or more those four ballot issues may be invalidated by the state supreme court. However, at this point, we must assume that these five measures will be considered by the state’s voters in November.


Issue No. 1 and Issue No. 2 are proposed constitutional amendments referred to the state’s voters by the legislature. Issue No. 1 is commonly referred to as a tort reform amendment. This is one of the four ballot issues that has been challenged and whose fate will be determined by the supreme court. If approved by voters, Issue No. 1 will put maximum caps on attorneys’ fees, punitive damages, and non-economic damages in civil lawsuits in personal injury and wrongful death cases. It will also grant to the legislature the authority to promulgate certain rules and standards dealing with pleading, practice, and procedures for the state’s courts.

Generally speaking, Issue No. 1 puts doctors, hospitals, nursing homes, and other business interests on one side against trial attorneys and the judiciary on the other side. These opposing forces are organized, well-financed, and will flood the print and electronic media with a massive amount of advertising between Labor Day and the November 6 election. Voters will need to sort through all the misleading ads to get to the truth. We are not taking a position on this issue, since it falls outside of our area of focus.


Issue No. 2 is fairly straightforward and easy to understand. If the voters pass this amendment, it would require a person to present a valid photographic identification in order to vote in state elections. This is the one ballot issue that has not been legally challenged. AFEC is not taking a position on this issue.


Issues No. 3, 4, and 5 are initiated measures – proposals qualified for the ballot by individuals or groups gathering registered voters’ signatures on petitions. All three of these ballot issues have had lawsuits filed against them. AFEC is taking a position in opposition against Issue No. 4. More about Issue No. 4 below.

Issue No. 3, if passed by voters, will reduce term limits for Arkansas legislators. Representatives will be allowed three two-year terms and senators can serve two four-year terms. However, no one will be able to serve more than ten years, should they be elected to both the state house of representatives and state senate. AFEC has no position on this matter.


Issue No. 4 is a proposed constitutional amendment torequire the issuance of one casino license in each of four Arkansas counties, Crittenden, Garland, Jefferson, and Pope. The Arkansas Faith and Ethics Council is a member of the ballot question committee, Ensuring Arkansas’ Future (“EAF”), along with Families First Foundation, the Family Council Action Committee, and several individuals. Little Rock Attorney Scott Trotter, representing those of us in EAF, has filed a lawsuit against Issue No. 4. A Russellville-area group, Citizens for Local Choice, has also filed a lawsuit challenging Issue No. 4’s ballot title.

The casino amendment sponsors are very well-funded. They have hired topnotch law firms, public relations and advertising professionals, and will spend incredibly huge sums of money to pass their respective measures. If the supreme court upholds Issue No. 4, voters will have to be very discerning to cut through all the “spin.”

None of the casinos that will be established under this amendment will be destination casinos, such as those in Las Vegas. They will be regional casinos and unlike destination casinos, most of their gamblers will be local. Because of that, the various problems associated with casino gambling will be concentrated in the communities where and near where the casinos are located.

The social, economic, and spiritual costs will have to be borne by those living and working in communities near the casinos. The crime, addiction, and turbulent family life caused by the predatory gambling conducted by the casinos will be a significant burden on local residents. The casinos and associated enterprises will cannibalize existing businesses, raise unemployment, drain off essential sales tax, and put stress on law enforcement and social service providers.

As we have done so many times in the past, we will be among the leadership in opposing this gambling amendment. Our goal will be to inform, motivate, equip, coordinate, and facilitate the efforts of our grass roots network, of which I trust you and your church will be key members. This strategy has worked before, and I believe it will again if we all will do our part.


Issue No. 5, which also has a legal challenge pending, is an initiated act; it is straightforward and easy to understand. If passed by voters, it will incrementally increase the state’s minimum wage from the current level of $8.50 to $11.00 in 2021. The current minimum wage for Arkansas workers is higher than those in the states bordering the state. AFEC does not support or oppose this measure.

We will periodically send updates on the status of these ballot issues. There will be a good deal of changes and developments in these matters. Stay tuned for more information. We will closely watch things for you.


To everyone, thanks for allowing us to serve you. And to those who support us with your prayers and financial gifts, we are appreciative that you have chosen to partner with us - our gratitude for you runs deep.


Today we updated the copy of Bro. Bobby Lamb's weekly report for November 4, 2018. Bro Bobby generates this report weekly and sends to various people. Check it out on the Info Center page of this website today.


Pastorless Churches

Please pray for the following pastorless churches

Gould First;

Grady First Baptist Church

Kingsland Baptist Church

Matthews Memorial.

Northside (Interim: Matthew Watson)

Dumas First Baptist Church is accepting resumes for Associate Pastor/Minister of Music and Children.  Resumes can be sent to Glenda Reding, 638 Hwy 138 East, Tillar, AR 71670 or emailed to